How much hair do I need for an Installment? 

A full Installment with Virgin unprocessed extensions would need approximately 7-12 ounces of hair. Which we recommend buying 2-3 bundles from lengths "16-22" and 3-4 bundles from lengths "24-32" giving lots more of fullness and volume. Each Bundle weighs 3.5 to 3.7 ounces.


Can my hair be colored? 

Yes. It can be dyed and bleached.

Once extensions are colored please be sure not to over process and always use color solution shampoo and conditioner with extensions to keep in best condition.


What are the best shampoo and conditioner products to use on my High Maintenance Hair? 

We recommend a Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner such as Silicone and Organix products.  See Hair Maintenance page for details



Can I use hot tools on my hair?

 All hot tools can be used.


How long does High Maintenance Hair last? 

With proper care hair can last up to 9 months to one whole year.

Do you ship internationally? 



What are store and online return policy? 

We do not offer refund or exchanges. All sales are final.

Any other questions?  Contact us at


When does hair ship out? 

Allow 24 hours for all orders to be processed, once the order is complete shipping will take place.


How long does shipping take? 

2-5 Business Days. Express Mail 2-3 Business Days


Do you ship internationally? 



Any other questions?  Contact us at highmaintenanceahairs@gmail.com